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    Access policy entitlement information for all on-premises support offerings from below.


    On-Premises Support Terms & Conditions


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    Cloud Services Support Policies

    For our cloud customers, you will find entitlement information for standard cloud service terms and conditions.


    Cloud Services Support Terms & Conditions


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    Welcome Guides


    Welcome Guide

    Download our Technical Support Welcome Guide to help get you up and running with tour support product(s).

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    Business Hours

    Our global hours of operation are organized to benefit our customers in all parts of the world.

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    Support Resources

    With our extensive self help library, you can research and remedy issues before submitting a support request.

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    Severity Definitions

    You can find our severity scale and the associated definitions for each level at the links below:

    On-Premises Severity Definitions 

    Cloud Services Severity Definitions 



    Skyline is our Proactive Support service that gets you in front of problems before they start.

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    Support Terms & Conditions

    Terms of service and conditions of agreement are available for all VMware support offerings below:

    Cloud Support Services Terms & Conditions 

    On-Premises Support Terms & Conditions 

    Amendment for Premier Support for Telco 

    Amendment for VMware Success 360 for Telecom 

    How To's

    How to escalate a technical support case?

    Start by calling VMware support at 1-877-486-9273 (or use one of VMware's International Phone numbers) and request an escalation of your Support Request.

    How do I report a defect?

    If you feel you have found a defect in a VMware product and you have an active support agreement with us, you should report that to VMware Support via the normal Support Request process.  

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    How do I change an account?

    VMware allows changes to customer account details in certain instances.  For more information, go to Licensing Policies.

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    What if I want to modify the codebase?

    Modified code is not supported by VMware. VMware in its sole discretion, reserves the right to request that the modified code be removed.

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    How do I close a support request?

    A support request is typically closed when you confirm that a resolution has been reached or if VMware does not hear back from you after three attempts to contact you during a ten day period. Support requests may also be closed if they cannot be resolved, or if VMware chooses not to resolve certain issues, with acknowledgement and agreement from you.    

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    Where do I go to submit a support request?

     Go to VMware Customer Connect, login and select Get Support.

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    ?Lifecycle Policies

    The lifecycle of a product encompasses all stages from the first release to the last. VMware's lifecycle policy matrix is based on enterprise industry standards and details the level of support you can expect as your VMware purchase matures. Consult or download the?Lifecycle Policy Matrix below frequently to be sure you have the most up to date information.


    Product Lifecycle Matrix??? Lifecycle Support Summary??? Lifecycle Support Policies at a Glance



    General Support Phase

    The General Support phase begins on the date of general availability of a Major Release (“GA”) and lasts for a fixed duration. During this phase, customers who have purchased VMware will receive maintenance updates and upgrades, bug and security fixes, along with technical assistance, per the Support and Subscription Terms and Conditions.

    general support phase

    Technical Guidance Phase

    Technical Guidance, if available, is provided from the end of the General Support phase and lasts for a fixed duration. Technical Guidance is available primarily through the self-help portal and telephone support is not provided. This phase is intended for usage by customers operating in stable environments with systems that are operating under reasonably stable loads. For more information see the VMware Lifecycle Policies.

    technical guidance phase

    End of Support (EOSL)

    A product has reached its end of support life when it is no longer generally supported by VMware. End of support life for a specific product is either end of General Support or end of Technical Guidance, if available for that specific product.


    Extended Support

    VMware Extended Support is designed to provide security and Severity 1 fixes for your legacy environment while you are migrating to a newer fully supported version of VMware software products. We are committed to ensuring that you can rely on VMware’s enterprise-class worldwide support while you upgrade your systems so you can focus on running your business.


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    End of Availability (EOA)/End of Distribution (EOD)

    A product has reached its end of availability when it is no longer available for purchase from VMware. A product has reached its end of distribution when VMware can no longer make it available as a download from vmware.com or distribute the product in other ways. The end of availability and end of distribution may coincide.