• Leverage a Proven Data Center Security Model

    Attackers are increasingly focused on finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in your network, making east-west traffic the new battleground. NSX Service-defined Firewall offers a software-delivered, distributed architecture and advanced threat prevention. It enables zero-trust security that’s easy to deploy and automates policy while reducing overall costs.

    Hyperscale Throughput

    Get complete coverage with up to 20Tbps firewalling per SDDC.

    Up to 75% Savings in CapEx

    Lower CapEx relative to traditional firewall appliances.

    Up to 73% savings in OpEx

    Lower OpEx, with no network changes and automated policies.

    Benefits of NSX Service-defined Firewall

    No Network Changes

    Replace multiple appliance-based solutions and radically simplify firewall deployment and operations by eliminating changes to the network and avoiding traffic hair-pinning.?

    Eliminate Blind Spots

    Get unmatched visibility into your network and unrivaled workload context to identify and block threats, while remaining isolated from the attack surface.

    Security as Code

    An API-driven, object-based policy model delivers policy recommendations, automates policy mobility and ensures new workloads automatically receive appropriate security policies.?

    Consistent Policy Across Multi-Cloud

    Achieve agile security via consistent firewall policies across multiple environments. Write your policy once and automatically enforce it everywhere.?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    NSX Service-defined Firewall is a distributed, scale-out internal firewall that protects all east-west traffic with security that’s intrinsic to the infrastructure, radically simplifying the security deployment model.

    NSX Service-defined Firewall uses an intrinsic approach to security that's built into the hypervisor. It includes a stateful L4-L7 firewall, an intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS), network sandbox, and behavior-based network traffic analysis.

    Key capabilities of NSX Service-defined Firewall include:

    • Distributed, granular enforcement of security policies
    • Scalability and throughput
    • Advanced threat prevention
    • Intra-application visibility
    • Centralized management

    For full capabilities, see the datasheet.

    Use cases for NSX Service-defined Firewall include:

    • Network Segmentation
    • Zero Trust in the Data Center
    • Virtual Patching for all Workloads
    • Block Advanced Threats


    Benefits of NSX Service-defined Firewall include:

    • Mitigating security risk
    • Ensuring compliance
    • Accelerating security operations
    • Simplifying security architecture

    Why VMware for Internal Firewall

    With its distributed architecture delivered in-software, it eliminates all blind spots without requiring network changes.