• Effective Cloud Security for the Multi-Cloud World


    Public clouds offer crucial capabilities, but also create additional security risks. Deliver unparalleled protection in any cloud with VMware cloud security solutions.


    Reduce the attack surface by hardening cloud posture, workloads and network. Adapt with intelligence by prioritizing high-risk threats and vulnerabilities with context-rich risk scoring.?Achieve higher fidelity alerts in real-time, leading to more targeted, confident, and?automated?actions.



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    Why VMware for Cloud Security?


    Get Smarter Risk Context

    Visualize the attack surface, correlate vulnerabilities with threats and prioritize issues based on dynamic risk scoring.


    Automate Response

    Integrate security checks within the CI/CD pipeline, auto-remediate securely and leverage behavioral analytics to quickly respond to risks.


    Detect Cloud Misconfigurations

    Get real-time insights into misconfigurations and efficiently scale security and compliance benchmarks across multiple clouds.


    Deliver Consistent Network Security Across Clouds

    Easily secure east-west traffic between application workloads running natively in public clouds.


    Harden Cloud Workloads

    Reduce vulnerabilities in VMs and containers to protect critical assets with simplified workload protection that scales with modern IT.


    Connect and Protect Distributed Users and Applications

    Provide secure, optimized access to traditional and new applications for branch or remote users.

    Use Cases for VMware Cloud Security Solutions 

    Secure Cloud Workloads

    Operationalize consistent security across all workloads and reduce potential blind spots while adjusting your hardening to counter future threats.

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    Improve Cloud Security and Compliance Posture

    Proactively detect, prioritize and remediate cloud misconfigurations that violate security best practices and company policy.

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    Prevent Lateral Movement of Threats

    Stop lateral movement of threats with granular network segmentation and east-west traffic control. Enforce least privilege communication between services across all environments.

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    Protect Remote Users Against Threats

    Enable context-aware zero trust access and uncompromised connectivity, from wherever employees are working.

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    Cloud Security Products


    CloudHealth Secure State

    Manage your cloud risk with a public cloud security and compliance platform. Delivered as a service, CloudHealth Secure State gives you real-time visibility into misconfigurations and threats, prioritizes issues based on risk, and helps security proactively collaborate with developer teams to automate actions that improve compliance and reduce the risk of cloud security breaches.


    VMware Carbon Black Workload

    Reduce the attack surface and strengthen security posture with purpose-built protection for cloud workloads. This cloud-native solution provides foundational hardening and vulnerability management combined with industry-leading prevention, detection and response capabilities to protect workloads running in hybrid cloud and Kubernetes environments.


    NSX Cloud

    Deliver consistent networking and security for applications running natively in the public cloud with VMware NSX Cloud. NSX Cloud uses the same management plane and control plane as VMware NSX Data Center, enabling a single networking and security solution from the private data center to the public cloud.


    VMware SASE Platform

    Gain secure, reliable and optimized access to traditional and new applications for mobile clients, branches and campuses with a single, holistic solution. The VMware Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Platform converges cloud networking and cloud security service to deliver flexibility, agility and scale for enterprises of all sizes.

    Related Security Solutions  


    Network Security

    Deliver distributed firewalling and advanced threat protection for users, applications and data across multi-cloud environments.

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    Workspace Security

    Deliver a complete endpoint security solution by combining unified endpoint management (UEM) with threat detection and response capabilities.

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