• Intrinsic Security Services

    Advisory Service

    • Review your rules and policies
    • Perform audits on your remediation usage, or threat intelligence, and watchlists
    • Optimize the protection of your system and outline steps to stop modern security threats

    Health Checks

    • Examine the components and configurations supporting your production environment
    • Gauge the effectiveness of your intrinsic security system
    • Validate your configuration and determine scalability


    • Identify gaps and create individual training plans
    • Create a security decision tree, align security objectives with the correct permissions and roles, design responder workflows, and simplify the system


    • Ensure an accurate, and successful migration
    • Import watch lists and security profiles, migrating automations, assisting in integrations, and providing guidance on redirecting sensors

    Design And Deploy

    • Deploy integrations
    • Streamline threat protection and prevention process
    • Improve your insights on complex attack sequence and protection
    • Apply comprehensive security focused techniques across your entire system

    Network Security

    • Create allow lists
    • Develop and implement security groups and policies to protect control points
    • Create isolation using network segmentation and web application firewalls (WAF)
    • Deploy a zero-trust policy

    Other Professional Services


    Deliver a public cloud experience

    Digital Workspace

    Enable a productive and connected digital workforce

    Virtual Cloud Network

    Create software-defined networks and WANS and secure your apps and data

    App Modernization

    Services to support the evolution of your app strategy

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