• Reduce Device Downtime and Maximize Employee Experience (EX)

    Technological problems are inevitable, and the same digital tools that empower employees one minute can be a roadblock the next, costing organizations millions of dollars a year in lost productivity, employee disengagement, and support.
    Workspace ONE Assist is a real-time remote support solution that enables organizations to maximize EX and reduce TCO. With Workspace ONE Assist, IT and help desk staff can quickly resolve employee device issues, across any use case, with remote view and control capabilities.

    Minimize Device Downtime

    Quickly resolve employee issues with real-time remote view and control capabilities, regardless of device or worker type.

    Ensure Employee Privacy and Trust

    Notify employees when their screen is visible and give them the ability to reject certain access requests and pause or end a remote session, at any time, for enhanced privacy.

    Improve Employee Experience (EX)

    Ensure employees stay engaged and productive with streamlined, consumer-like remote support across all their devices.

    Decrease Support Costs

    Eliminate the need for in-person support and give remote IT help desks reliable remote access that makes it easy to troubleshoot and fix device issues.

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    Workspace ONE Assist Features

    Cross-Platform Support

    Support any device type—from laptops and rugged handheld computers to wearables—across any platform, including Android, Windows Embedded, Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Linux.

    Session Recording and Screen Draw

    Easily record sessions for training or escalation purposes. Highlight items on screen for training videos or to guide employees through tasks with screen draw feature.

    Remote View and Control

    Remotely connect to any enrolled device in seconds and view and control its screen in real-time, directly from the Workspace ONE console.

    Session Collaboration and Chat

    Invite additional support reps or product experts to join a remote session to assist with complex issues. Instant chat with session participants.

    File Management and Command Line Access

    Easily manage device files and folders and access the command line to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

    Unattended Access

    Securely access and service corporate-owned devices while not in use. If a device needs to be rebooted, it will automatically reconnect to the same remote session.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Only Workspace ONE provides a unified platform to help you transform IT, reduce costs, and enable a totally mobile workforce.