• Unified Management for Containers and VMs

    Manage complex, modern apps as easily as traditional apps and VMs on modern vSphere infrastructure that supports container-based application development. Rearchitected with native Kubernetes, you can now modernize the 70+ million workloads running on vSphere. And now, you can run modern, containerized applications alongside existing enterprise applications on existing infrastructure with vSphere with Tanzu.

    Deliver Developer-Ready Infrastructure

    Use your existing vSphere environment to bring efficiency, scale and security to Kubernetes deployments and operations by dropping in enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters in under an hour.

    Scale Without Compromise

    Scale your infrastructure to support up to 50% more hosts per cluster. Meet the demands of high performance apps, monster VMs and memory intensive databases, including SAP HANA, EPIC and more.

    Simplify Operations

    Simplify lifecycle management, by making maintenance of software upgrades, patching and firmware updates easier and less disruptive. Manage both on premises and off premises in a single interface.

    Boost Infrastructure and Data Security

    Incorporate GPUs to deliver AI/ML infrastructure and make protecting your hybrid cloud infrastructure easier with intrinsic security.

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    Compare Editions

    vSphere Standard

    vSphere Enterprise Plus

    • Resource management
    • Simplified lifecycle management
    • Intrinsic security
    • Resiliency and performance for enhanced applications

    Ready to Get Started?

    Support new workloads while keeping pace with the growing needs and complexity of your infrastructure. Try vSphere 7 and vSphere with Tanzu for free today.