• Gain Network Speed, Agility and Security

    Enable your virtual cloud network with full-stack network and security virtualization. Connect and protect applications across your data center, multi-cloud and container infrastructure. NSX Data Center reproduces the entire network model in software, so you can create and provision any network topology in seconds and deliver critical apps and services faster and easier.

    Agility Through Automation

    Bring one-click provisioning to your network by running a complete L2-L7 stack in software with automated provisioning. Access powerful flexibility and scale.

    Consistent Multi-Cloud Operations

    Manage consistent networking and security policies across private and public clouds from a single pane of glass, regardless of where your applications run—VM, container or bare metal.

    Intrinsic Security

    Deliver granular protection with network segmentation and micro-segmentation to the individual workload. Create context-aware security policies and leverage IDS/IPS to defend against lateral threats.

    Lower CapEx and OpEx

    Save up to 35% by consolidating networking and security functions on a single platform. Slash OpEx through simplified operations and optimized traffic flows.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    VMware NSX is a network virtualization and security platform that enables the virtual cloud network, a software-defined approach to networking that extends across data centers, clouds and application frameworks.

    VMware NSX is available for licensing in multiple editions: Standard, Professional, Advanced, Enterprise Plus,? and Remote Office/Branch Office. It's available as a single download image with license keys required to enable specific functionality for each edition. For more information, see the?datasheet?or download a free trial.

    VMware NSX reproduces the entire network model in software, enabling any network topology—from simple to complex multitier networks—to be created and provisioned in seconds, independent of underlying hardware. It brings networking and security closer to the application wherever it’s running.

    Use cases for VMware NSX include:

    • Zero-trust security?
    • Multi-cloud networking
    • Network automation
    • Container networking
    • Advanced load balancing
    • Container ingress

    VMware NSX delivers a complete L2-L7 networking and security virtualization platform, allowing you to manage your entire network as a single entity from a single pane of glass, enforce consistent networking and security policies, and automate and tailor the network to your needs.

    Why VMware for Network Virtualization?

    Deliver a complete L2-L7 networking and security virtualization platform with the industry leader in virtualization.