• Deliver Native Visibility and Analytics at Scale

    Drive Data Center–Wide Visibility

    Visualize and gain deep insights into all flows across the entire data center with stateful layer 7 inspection and complete workload context, eliminating security blind spots and accelerating incident remediation.

    Converge Your Security Ops

    Slash tool sprawl and ramp up collaboration between infrastructure and security teams by embedding security operations consoles, firewall policy recommendations, and management within the NSX UI.

    Simplify Deployments

    Eliminate the network overhead of duplicating packets — and the complexity of managing large centralized appliances — with an analytics engine that’s built right into the hypervisor.

    The Advantages of An Intrinsic Approach to Analytics

    Natively Built Into NSX

    Comprehensive Layer 7 Packet Inspection

    Distributed Architecture

    Complete Workload Context

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