• Overview

    Announcing Container Networking with Antrea

    Learn about how NSX customers can get support for container networking.

    Accelerate Your Container-based Operations

    Simplify Kubernetes Networking

    Streamline your Kubernetes networking with a unified networking stack across multiple managed Kubernetes providers.

    Drive Load Balancing Performance

    Increase application service load balancing performance via native Open vSwitch service proxy implementation.

    Elevate Container Security

    Encrypt traffic between pods and enforce Kubernetes network policies while enhancing security with advanced native policies from Antrea.

    Improve Visibility and Operations

    Provide operations with network diagnostic tools like traceflow that improve visibility.

    How Container Networking with Antrea is Different

    Get a cloud-native container solution

    Access heterogenous support for Windows and Linux

    Higher performance with Antrea-proxy, works with the latest K8s

    Enforce granular policy beyond K8s Network Policy

    Spotlight on VMware Container Networking with Antrea

    Dive Deep into the Power of Antrea

    Explore the ways in which Project Antrea is securing?and accelerating the Kubernetes CNI data plane.

    Pitch in to Project Antrea

    See how you can contribute to this open source Kubernetes network plugin, from feature request to patch acceptance.

    What Are the Key Use Cases for Container Networking with Antrea?

    Harness Complete Container Networking and Security

    Choose a tightly integrated networking solution for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated, and VMware vSphere 7 with Kubernetes.

    Offload to Hardware for CPU-Intensive Workloads

    Accelerate CPU-intensive workloads by offloading to hardware. Access preconfigured NICs or SmartNICs to enable high performance and flexible data processing

    Deliver Network Policy Enforcement for Managed Kubernetes

    Leverage VMware Container Networking with Antrea to integrate with managed Kubernetes services and enhance Kubernetes network policies

    Elevate Container Security for Kubernetes

    Provide policy enforcement on managed Kubernetes clusters from public cloud providers while encrypting traffic between pods.


    VMware Container Networking with Antrea offers users signed images and binaries, along with full support for Project Antrea.

    Container Networking with Antrea has been designed into Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster (TKG) on vSphere and clouds, and Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Service for running on vSphere with Tanzu.

    Any customer with a valid license of VMware NSX-T Advanced and above can automatically get support for VMware Container Networking with Antrea for no additional charge.

    VMware Container Networking with Antrea is a compatible container networking interface (CNI) for all upstream Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes distributions.

    Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

    Build on a Foundation of NSX

    Connect and protect applications across your data centers and cloud with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

    Streamline Cloud-native Workloads

    Simplify the connectivity, security, and observability of your modern applications across multi-cloud environments.



    Deliver a Modern Hybrid Cloud

    Leverage VMware vSphere 7 to run existing enterprise applications alongside modern containerized applications.

    Power Multi-cloud Operations

    Provide a consistent, secure Kubernetes runtime experience for all development teams across data center, public cloud, and edge.

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