• The Innovation and Freedom of Multi-Cloud with the Simplicity of One

    Migrate Seamlessly to Any Cloud

    Move existing workloads with speed and confidence. Access the power of leading?hyperscale clouds across more than 4,000 sites around the world to flexibly deliver?any application, anywhere.

    Take the Fastest Path to Cloud and Modernization

    Reduce cost and complexity with a consistent cloud infrastructure and start using modern cloud and application services faster.

    Operate Consistently, Anywhere

    Gain control over multiple clouds and application architectures to reduce risk and costs without slowing you down.

    Next-Level IT Thinking, Now.

    Get the latest from VMware leaders, industry visionaries, top customers and special guests.

    VMware Products for Multi-Cloud

    VMware Cloud Foundation

    Get a software-defined foundation for private, hybrid, and public clouds, with unified support for VMs, Kubernetes and containers.


    VMware Tanzu

    Reliably deploy and run containerized workloads across private and public clouds.

    VMware Cloud on AWS

    Accelerate your?cloud migration?with consistent vSphere-based infrastructure delivered on AWS, the world’s leading?public cloud.

    VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

    Accelerate innovation, increase agility and uplift operations with VMware SDDC running on AWS Outposts hardware, delivered as-a-service in your data center


    vRealize Cloud Management

    Enable consistent deployment and operations of your apps, infrastructure, and platform services with an intelligent hybrid cloud management platform.


    VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

    Deploy VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC hardware, delivered and maintained as a fully-managed service.



    Analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security and governance in one place with a?cloud management platform.


    Are You Responsible for Providing the Best Cloud Architecture for Modernizing Applications?

    Learn how VMware’s unique approach to multi-cloud architecture can accelerate your efforts—making it easier to build, run, manage, and secure all your apps seamlessly on any combination of clouds.

    Key Questions About VMware Multi-Cloud Solutions

    Yes. VMware Cloud is available on all major hyperscale clouds—AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud—and more than 120 other VMware Cloud Verified partners around the world. This gives you ultimate flexibility to deploy your applications wherever you choose, on the cloud provider that best fits your needs, and all on consistent VMware Cloud infrastructure and operations.

    CloudHealth by VMware provides visibility, management, and security for workloads running natively in the cloud to optimize resource utilization, costs and governance. As part of our cloud management services in VMware Cloud, CloudHealth and vRealize manage across multiple VMware Clouds and public clouds.

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