• Seamless App Migration to Any Cloud

    Streamline cloud migration with consistent VMware infrastructure and operations. The same compute, network, storage and Kubernetes stack runs on any cloud, data center or edge location, so you can choose the best fit cloud for every app, migrate without recoding, and manage from a single operating layer. Accelerate your application migration initiatives by supplying developers with the VM, container and micro-service infrastructure they need, all from a single platform. Migration to hyperscaler cloud providers opens instant access to native cloud services that can augment applications with new functionality.

    Choose the Best Fit Cloud

    Meet technology, performance and governance requirements for every app with consistent infrastructure everywhere.

    Migrate to the Cloud Faster

    Rehost VMs in the public cloud in half the time using VMware infrastructure and operations you already know.

    Modernize Your Apps

    Containerize your apps immediately within your on-premises VMware environment or after migration to the public cloud?and augment functionality with native cloud services.

    Control and Optimize Cost

    Use VMware tools to assess your application landscape and optimize migration, choose the most cost-effective deployment, and fine-tune cloud-native resource utilization.

    VMware Cloud Migration Products and Services

    VMware Cloud runs on any cloud, data center, or edge location, giving you ultimate freedom of choice for your cloud migration initiatives.

    VMware Cloud on AWS

    Consistent vSphere-based infrastructure delivered on AWS

    vRealize Suite & vCloud Suite

    Azure VMware Solution

    VMware Cloud delivered on Azure

    Google Cloud VMware Engine

    VMware Cloud delivered on Google Cloud

    NSX Data Center

    IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

    VMware Cloud delivered on IBM Cloud

    Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

    VMware Cloud delivered on Oracle Cloud

    VMware Cloud Verified Partner Solutions

    Private and hybrid cloud services delivered by VMware partners

    VMware HCX

    Application migration across data centers and clouds

    VMware Cloud Foundation

    Customer-managed private clouds leveraging subscription economics

    Professional Services for Cloud Migration

    Move applications from your on-premises data center to public cloud or a new data center location efficiently and securely with the help of VMware Professional Services.

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